The Uncontrolled And Unregulated Organ Transplantation Mafia In India: News Censored By Google

The Uncontrolled And Unregulated Organ Transplantation Mafia In India News Censored By GoogleThis new item has been censored by Google without any justification and it is no more appearing in the news column. I can understand the controversial nature of the post as well as the negative publicity it can attract to the ruling government.

However, bringing justice to people is of utmost importance and political reasons must not be a ground to censor posts in India as it would amount o violation of freedom of speech and expression.

A specific Blog on Google censorship and a dedicated LinkedIn Group on Google censorship have already been started to report such incidences. We also reiterate our commitment that incidences like these would not deter us from discussing the topic that are deemed hazardous, controversial and non commercial by the mainstream media.

So here we are once again posting the original article for our readers and expect that Google would censor this post as well so that we can post another one.

Organ transplantation mafia of India is working right under the nose of India government that also without any fear or law and punishment. In one such reported incidence, the organ transplantation mafia has crossed all the limits of humanity.

The parents of a girl child have accused that medical workers in India have murdered their daughter to sell her organs to the rich receivers of such organs. They have also claimed that neither the medical staff nor the police have cooperated with them and they have hushed up the matter.

A request to Indian government has also been made to look into the matter and get the matter investigated through central bureau of investigation.

Medical malpractices in India have increased significantly. Whether it is deaths due to clinical trials in India or online selling of medicine by pharmacies in India, nothing is in order.

As far as organ transplantation is concerned, we have the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994. However, the same requires urgent amendments to make it more effective and stringent.

It has failed to deter the organ transplantation mafia of India and sending a dead body to the relatives of an innocent child without crucial organs is a very gruesome act that requires punishment of most stringent nature.

We hope that Indian government would not allow any such incidence to reoccur in future and no parents would find themselves in this unfortunate situation as the unfortunate girl child’s parents are.

They deserve justice and not the one that is presently prevailing in India but an instant and appropriate one.

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