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Telecom Regulatory Developments In India

Telecom business is always considered to be a lucrative and profit oriented business. This position is equally applicable in India that is currently in the process of auction of precious spectrum. India has not stopped at this stage and is … Continue reading

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Directory Of Best Techno Legal Blogs In India

Legal blogs play an important role in spreading legal awareness and preventing various stakeholders from committing numerous contraventions and offences. A timely legal suggestion can not only save subsequent litigation costs but it can also help in avoiding punishment and … Continue reading

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Is Indian Government Serious About Privacy Laws In India?

Privacy laws in India are still missing despite many years of deliberations and ground work. It seems the political will is missing to formulate and enact a suitable privacy law for India. Rather it has now appeared that Indian government … Continue reading

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India: E-Commerce Websites Must Comply With Legal Requirements

Website Thepaypers has reported that Indian e-commerce websites must comply with legal requirements of Indian laws to operate in a legal manner. It has reported that entrepreneurs and companies who want to open an e-commerce and online gambling website in … Continue reading

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Legal Risks For E-Commerce And Online Gaming Website Developers And Designers In India

E-commerce and online gaming websites are on rise in India. It seems everybody is in a rush to capatilise the e-commerce and online business boom that is presently happening in India. In this adrenaline rush both the e-commerce and online … Continue reading

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