Digital India And Aadhaar Combination Is Digital Panopticon Of India: CEPHRC

Digital India And Aadhaar Combination Is Digital Panopticon Of India CEPHRCDigital India is an initiative that is of great importance if implemented appropriately. However, owing to its shortcomings, Digital India may become the most contentious project of India till now. The nastiest part about Digital India project is that it has become the Digital Panopticon of India that also without any parliamentary oversight and judicial review.

In fact, Digital India is being enforced in actual contempt of Supreme Court that has directed (PDF) that Aadhaar cannot be made mandatory for government services. Indian government has communicated to the Supreme Court that Aadhaar is not compulsory for government services but the reality is that Aadhaar has been made compulsory for nearly all the digital and non digital services of Indian government.

So terrible is the condition that Twitter is censoring dissenting tweets about Aadhaar as well. Aadhaar is a topic that is heavily censored in India and any kind of dissent is instantly censored by platforms like twitter.

However, Supreme Court itself is responsible for this situation as it failed to declare the e-surveillance project Aadhaar as unconstitutional.  Both Parliament of India and Indian Supreme Court have failed to fulfil their constitutional duties to protect the Fundamental Rights and Human Rights of Indian Citizens in this regard.

As a result unconstitutional and illegal biometrics collection is happening in India without any sort of control and reasonableness. Digital India has become the Digital Panopticon of India because our parliament and Judiciary has not done what the constitution fathers have mandated them to do.

Source: Centre Of Excellence For Protection Of Human Rights In Cyberspace (CEPHRC).

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