India: E-Commerce Websites Must Comply With Legal Requirements

India E-Commerce Websites Must Comply With Legal RequirementsWebsite Thepaypers has reported that Indian e-commerce websites must comply with legal requirements of Indian laws to operate in a legal manner. It has reported that entrepreneurs and companies who want to open an e-commerce and online gambling website in India must comply with the local e-commerce legal requirements. The report has cited the recent research works and data from ICT law firm Perry4Law in this regard.

According to the research works of Perry4law, website developers must be very cautious while drafting and launching e-commerce and online gaming websites in India. There are many legal formalities required for starting an e-commerce business in India. Since technology is an essential part of any e-commerce business, cyber law due diligence in India is also required to be followed by e-commerce portals. Various cyber due diligence for Indian companies have been provided by the cyber law of India that are stringent in nature.

The website developers and managers are equally liable to be prosecuted. Further, the websites owners must also be very cautious as to whom they are hiring for designing and launching of their online business websites as an unprofessional and inexperienced website developer may put them on risk of being prosecuted.

With the active use of electronic commerce in India the electronic commerce dispute resolution in India is also required to be strengthened. The present litigation system of India is not conducive for the growth of e-commerce in India and online dispute resolution in India is more appropriate for such purposes.

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