Cyber Security Skills Development In India

Cyber Security Skills Development In IndiaCyber security in India is considered more as a challenge than an essential requirement. There are many factors that have resulted in the poor growth of cyber security in India. The cyber security trends in India 2013 by Perry4Law Organisation have already outlined the shortcomings of the cyber security efforts of India.

The crux of all the cyber security problems of India is that we lack cyber security capabilities in India. Cyber security is a techno legal field and in India we have neither technical nor legal expertise in this regard. We have no dedicated cyber security legal framework in India and the cyber security legal practice in India is still maturing.

On the educational front as well we are still living in the age of academic lessons whereas cyber security is by its very nature a practical subject. Essentially it is a choice between skills and degree and India is leaning heavily in favour of the latter. Ironically, we have a single techno legal cybersecurity education and research centre (CERC) of India managed by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB).

Another problem with the cyber security skills development in India is that the mentality of Indian educational institutions and students has still not changed. They are still more interested in brick and mortar educational institutions that have their own priorities and lack techno legal expertise. In the era of online education and e-learning, this commitment to traditional educational systems is totally misplaced.

Of course, some novel concepts have also been introduced in India. For instance, we have a techno legal cyber security virtual campus of India managed by PTLB. It utilises the power of information and communication technology to enhance cyber security skills development of students from round the globe.

The educational institutions of India must change their mindset so that India can be a global hub for cyber security skills development. Industry leaders like PTLB would play a decisive role in helping India achieve this task.

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