Directory Of Legal Blogs In India With Commentary

Directory Of Legal Blogs In India With CommentaryLegal blogs are good source of first hand information. Although they should not be treated as well articulated legal opinions yet they give a good idea about the legal position and applicable laws.

However, there are only a handful of lawyers and law firms around the world that are dedicating their time and resources to provide free of cost legal information to various stakeholders.

A new blog has been started that is providing information about Indian and foreign legal blogs. The blog titled Legal Blogs for You and it is providing good discussions and commentary about traditional and contemporary legal fields.

Some of the topics already covered by this niche blog include legal blogs in India, e-discovery law blog in India, cyber security legal blogs in India, cyber law legal blogs in India, etc.

The blog seems to be really promising as lot of hard work has already been put into it and more qualitative posts are expected in the future. Bookmark the same for first hand information and contemporary legal positions in India and foreign jurisdictions.

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