Aadhaar Project Of India Is Bad And Should Be Scrapped

Aadhaar Project Of India Is Bad And Should Be ScrappedAadhaar project is full of loopholes, inconsistencies and troubles. While other countries have abandoned similar ideas, India has simply adopted the same without much debate and analysis.

By attaching it to essential public schemes and other projects, Indian government is even trying to impose it upon Indian citizens indirectly. It is also a duplication effort that has costed India of precious monetary resources.

Aadhaar project is also not supported by any legal framework as well and civil liberties are at great risk due to lack of procedural safeguards. It has now been challenged in multiple courts across the India.

Even a parliamentary committee has rejected the bill proposed by UIDAI and found it inappropriate for the UIDAI to work without any legal framework.

The fact is that Aadhaar project must be scrapped as soon as possible in the larger interest of India.

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