Piecemeal Efforts Would Not Free Us From Draconian Indian Cyber Law

Piecemeal Efforts Would Not Free Us From Draconian Indian Cyber LawThe Supreme Court of India is having a busy time dealing with the cyber law of India. Supreme Court of India is hearing a public interest litigation regarding formulation of regulations and guidelines for effective investigation of cyber crimes in India. Supreme Court of India has sought response from the central government over blocking of porn websites in India, especially those dealing with child pornography.

Now it has been reported that MouthShut has also approached Indian Supreme Court against the arbitrary and draconian provisions of Indian cyber law.

Firstly, this is a good effort on the part of MouthShut and i appreciate the same. At least someone has taken a stand against government high headedness and arbitrariness.

Secondly, this is at most a piecemeal effort though an important one. It is high time to force Indian government to repeal the entire cyber law of India as it carries many illegal and unconstitutional provisions.

The real problem is that government is having its way through enacting rules that very few challenges at the initial stage. Once the rules become the law, it is very difficult to get them repealed.

The turning point to this problem named cyber law of India started with the information technology amendment act, 2008 that very few protested. Our industrial bodies were too busy supporting that amendment that they failed to appreciate its true implications of e-surveillance and censorship.

It is our fault and now crying about the wrong is not a wise strategy. Rather forcing the Indian government to repeal the cyber law is the right strategy.

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