Exclusive Legal Blog On Gaming And Gambling Laws In India

Exclusive Legal Blog On Gaming And Gambling Laws In IndiaOnline gaming and gambling industry of India is still maturing. Further, the legal framework regarding gaming and gambling is still struggling to meet the challenges of contemporary technological times. This is more so regarding online gaming and gambling activities for which laws of various nations are still inadequate and outdated. The conflict of laws in the gaming and gambling industry is another problem that many stakeholders are facing.

In this environment if we can find a legal resource that can provide valuable insight about online gaming and gambling industry of India and other jurisdictions that would be good news. Perry4Law is managing the exclusive legal blog on gaming and gambling laws of India. The blog titled Online Gaming and Gambling Laws and Regulations in India is filling the void that is present in the Indian legal framework regarding online gaming and gambling.

The following are some of the topics covered by the blog:

(1) Anti Match Fixing Law of India In Pipeline: But What About Online Gambling And Betting?

(2) Internet Gambling Laws in India

(3) Provisional and Regular Licence Under the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act, 2008

(4) Is It Legal To Play Online Poker In India?

(5) E-Sports Entertainment LLC (ESEA) Consent Judgment for Creating ESEA Botnet and Violation of CFA and CROA

(6) Kerala Refused Permission to Future Gaming Solutions India Private Ltd to Sell Nagaland Lotteries in the State

(7) Is Online Gambling and Betting Legal in India?

(8) Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in India

(9) Online Gambling Laws in India

The blog is covering both national and international gaming and gambling issues and is a must to read resource for all gaming and gambling entrepreneurs of India and abroad.

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