Demand For Regulation Of Foreign Websites In India Increases

Demand For Regulation Of Foreign Websites In India IncreasesThe demands for regulating foreign websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo Twitter, Linkedin, Microsoft, etc have increased a lot in India. These foreign websites are taking unfair advantage of the conflict of laws in cyberspace and are openly violating the laws of India.

E-mail service providers like G-mail are even abetting and encouraging commission of various cyber crimes in India and may be banned in India very soon. While there is a clear policy change vis-à-vis foreign websites operating in India yet laws firms have also endorsed the fact that these websites must be duly regulated in India.

For instance, Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Asia’s leading techno legal and ICT law firm Perry4Law and leading techno legal expert of Asia believes that Social Media and Foreign Websites Must be Made Amenable to Indian laws. He believes that India must ensure Techno Legal Framework to Regulate Indian Cyberspace so that these Foreign Companies cannot take Indian Laws for a ride.

India Today has reported that even the Intelligence Bureau is of the same opinion as is held by legal experts. A recommendation was made to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday for bringing foreign content-providers like Facebook and Twitter under Indian laws like in other countries.

The recent communal incidents had brought out that social media platform was being used for instigation of crowd. While security agencies in India were handicapped with technical and procedural constraints, foreign law enforcement agencies have unfettered access to social media.

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