E-Commerce Guidelines In India Would Be Formulated

E-Commerce Guidelines In India Would Be FormulatedThere is no second opinion that the e-commerce segment of India needs urgent regulation. For too long this are has been ignored by Indian government and this is resulting in increased e-commerce frauds and crimes.

As per media reports, Indian government is planning to formulate a comprehensive e-commerce guidelines in India.

According to Praveen Dalal, managing partner of ICT law firm Perry4Law and leading e-commerce legal expert of India, this was a much awaited step on the part of Indian government.

We are frequently approached by clients that allege frauds and wrongs on the part of e-commerce portals operating in India, informs Dalal.

In the absence of stringent e-commerce regulations in India, the e-commerce players are taking consumers for granted, says Dalal.

Further, in the absence of adequate e-commerce dispute resolution in India, the end consumer is left with little remedy against the e-commerce portals operating in an illegal and unlawful manner, informs Dalal.

India cannot set example for foreign e-commerce players when the Indian e-commerce players are openly flouting the laws of India. The present effort of Indian government would curb the frauds and crimes committed by e-commerce players of India.

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