Cyber Security Lawyers And Law Firms In India

Cyber Security Lawyers And Law Firms In IndiaThe predictions regarding cyber security professionals being in great demand world over have come true. This is so because everything has gone online these days. From government services to business activities everything is now connected to Internet.

While cyber security professionals for IT firms and companies are still manageable to some extent yet when it comes to legal field cyber security is still an unexplored area. There are very few cyber security lawyers and cyber security law firms in India and abroad.

According to Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Perry4Law, the exclusive cyber security law firm of India, cyber security is a complex area that requires sound expertise. When it comes to legal field, cyber security becomes more complicated as there are very few lawyers and judges across the globe who are aware of the fine details of cyber security and its legal implications, opines Dalal.

Clearly cyber security as a legal practice has a very long road to cover. At this stage even there are limited numbers of cyber law firms in India and abroad. Recently the cyber security policy of India was declared by Indian government. The policy has also focused upon cyber security capacity development in India that is urgently required.

The legal and judicial fraternity of India needs to develop scientific knowledge about areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc. Presently the courts of India are struggling to deal with the applicable cyber law for Facebook, Google, etc and the matters of cyber security are still many years far away from Indian courts.

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