Techno Legal Updates On 01-05-2013

Techno Legal Updates On 01-05-2013The following are the techno legal updates as available on 01-05-2013. We hope our readers would find these updates useful. These are:

(1) Online Gambling Laws: Online gambling in flourishing in India. However, Indian government has failed to control the same. Further, there are no dedicated online gambling laws in India that can be pressed against such offenders.

(2) Gambling Racket Busted: Two persons were arrested by police for running an on-the-move high tech cricket satta racket. One of the members of satta racket is pursuing and used to live in a rented accomodation at Basayatpur area of the city.

(3) UK Computer Cache Case: The UK Supreme Court has held that automatic storage of cache while surfing a copyright protected work is not copyright infringement.

(4) Online Pharmacies Regulation: The online pharmacies of India are under regulatory scanner. Most of the online pharmacies operating in India are not complying with Indian laws and they can be punished very soon.

(5) Apple And Pornography: The troubles for Apple are surfacing again and again. Not very late Apple was fined in a Beijing court for unauthorised e-book sales. Now Apple has been accused of providing pornographic contents on its app store.

(6) CMS Project: Indian government is in the process of launching the illegal and unconstitutional central monitoring system project of India. The CMS project of India is not regulated by any law of India.

(7) FDI In Multi Retail:  The Supreme Court of India has cleared the way for FDI in multi retail segment of India. E-retail and e-commerce may witness a growth with this declaration.

(8) E-Retail Violations: The e-retail violations in India are rampant. The e-retailers in India are not following the laws of India and Indian government has not taken this issue seriously.

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