E-Commerce Updates On 15-04-2013

E-Commerce Updates On 15-04-2013In this update we are covering the e-commerce aspect. We have no dedicated e-commerce laws and regulations in India and e-commerce is governed by the information technology act, 2000 and other applicable laws.

(1) E-Commerce And Pornography: E-commerce websites in India are engaging in publication of punishable soft porn. These websites can be prosecuted in India any time.

(2) Adult Costumes And Lingerie: E-commerce websites selling costumes and lingerie in an online environment are committing various offences. These websites can be prosecuted in India any time.

(3) E-Commerce And Legal Requirements: The legal requirements to start an e-commerce website in India have been described by Perry4Law, the best e-commerce law firm of India.

(4) E-Commerce Legal Formalities: The legal formalities required to start an e-commerce business in India have been defined by Perry4Law, a New Delhi based e-commerce and ICT law firm.

(5) E-Commerce Frauds: The e-commerce frauds in India have increased too much. In the absence of any deterrent law and governmental scrutiny, the e-commerce websites dealing with online pharmacies, online gaming and gambling, online selling of adult merchandise, etc are openly and continuously violating the laws of India, especially the cyber law of India.

we hope our readers would find this update useful.

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