Nursery Admissions In Delhi-The Legalised Education Mafia

Nursery Admissions In Delhi-The Legalised Education MafiaWhen right to education act was introduced by India, I was very optimistic that education related vices would be curbed to a greater extent in India. Now the recent events have proved me absolutely wrong.

Take the example of the present nursery admissions in the schools of Delhi. The schools are openly flouting the laws and norms in Delhi and the Indian government and Delhi government is silently watching the show.

For instance we analysed the first lists issued by various schools in the Pitampura region like Bal Bharti Pitampura, Bal Bharti Rohini, APJ Pitampura, DAV Pushpanjali, Lancer Convent, etc and none of them have mentioned the points earned by the selected students in a single list. Now how would parents analyse whether their wards have been excluded genuinely or deliberately from the first list.

The selection procedure has been deliberately kept in dark and unfair so that corrupt practices can be undertaken. If Schools like Bal Bharti, APJ, DAV, Lancer etc are neither conducting draws in front of parents nor providing the details of points earned by each applicant how can the fairness and transparency be ensured?

The right to education act has, in effect, legsalised the irregularities and wide spread corruption existing in the education segment of schools. Schools are openly engaging in unethical and illegal admission procedures and the Delhi government has kept its eyes closed and mouth shut.

The legal experts have rightly pointed out, the net result of the Right to Education Act is to give “Full Leverage” to Schools, imposing “Obligations” upon the Parents and “Abdicating” the Constitutional Duties on the part of the State.

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Source: Ground Report.

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