Online Pharmacies In India Are Violating Indian Laws

Online Pharmacies In India Are Violating Indian LawsOnline sales of prescribed medicines in India are by and large unregulated and open for abuses. In fact, illegal and unregulated online sales of prescribed medicines in India are flourishing like a plague. However, Indian government is sleeping over the issue not realising that this may have adverse impact upon public health of serious proportions.

In real world, those manufacturing, distributing and selling pharmaceutical products and services are subject to stringent laws and regulations. However when it comes to online dealings, people assume that they are not required to follow those laws at all.

Even the Indian government is not very comfortable with technology related issue of various segments. This is the reason why there is minimum interference and control over the flourishing online pharmacies of India as Indian government has not the necessary techno legal expertise to effectively tackle e-commerce issues of pharmaceuticals as on date.

While dealing with pharmaceuticals in an online environment not only the regular laws pertaining to drugs, medicines and pharmaceuticals are applicable but the cyber law of India is also attracted. However, governmental departments are not much aware about cyber law of India and its implications. Naturally, online pharmacies are flourishing in India without any check and balances.

It is high time for Indian government to take stringent action against the online pharmacies that are operating in India in an unregulated and illegal manner

Source: Legal Enablement Blog.

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